Pathways to Jazz, Fusion & Improvising Over Changes
A Guide for Rock, Pop and Blues Guitarists

This three part series is intended to help rock, pop, blues and metal guitarists either transition towards playing jazz/fusion, or to open up new ways of thinking about the fretboard and more confidently outline chord changes in their solos.  

This has been a passion project of mine because it's also documenting the thought processes and my own journey and thought processes over the last four years. So if you've been hitting the wall in your attempt to get your changes playing together or stuck in the familiar boxes 


It's split into three parts that work either as standalone tutorials or combine to form a comprehensive and methodical system to approach this tricky subject.


part one: learning The Fretboard & essential music theory


  • 2.5 Hour video lesson
  • PDF reference documents & diagrams
  • Backing tracks
  • Example solo's and exercise transcriptions