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Pathways to jazz, fusion & playing over changes - Part One: Tools for (re)Learning the Fretboard & Essential Music Theory

This tutorial is the first in a series intended for rock, pop and blues guitarists wanting to move towards playing jazz/fusion, or to generally get more comfortable soloing and outlining chord changes whatever the style.

Part One covers essential music theory and practical exercises to help thoroughly learn the note names on the neck from cold. It also looks at mapping out intervals and scales all over the fretboard without the need for unwieldily shapes and box patterns. We then cover some of the most common chord/scales that occur in jazz/fusion, and how to start slowly making our way through changes of a single type. 

I also discuss some of the challenges we face as rock, pop and blues guitarists, my own journey so far in learning to do this stuff, and some philosophical thoughts on the nature of practising and shaping your musical interests.

Length/Content: Over 3 hours of HD video to download and/or stream, split across 8 video files, plus PDF file explanations, diagrams, charts and backing tracks.

Difficulty Level: Beginner/Intermediate.

The tutorial assumes some ability on the instrument, but doesn't assume any theory knowledge beyond that of the music alphabet and what tones/semi-tones are. Starting at the very basics the method is structured so that beginners and intermediate players can come in at various points along the way and get the most out of it.

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