Hollywood Sheeet 2017 - Part 2

Throughout NAMM the weather was inclement to say the least, but on the last day it was biblical. This apparently happens every 10 years or so, and much like with the 2 inches of snow the UK gets every year, no one in Anaheim seemed prepared. In the chaos of tens of thousands of people vacating the same space, accidents ensued. The worst of which from our point of view was Tom slipping ACME style on the buffed wet concrete of the Hilton hotel, both feet went from under him and he landed on his back/elbow and the Fractal Ax8 that was in his rucksack 😭.

Astonishingly the Ax8 still works flawlessly with only a cosmetic blemish. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the concrete came off worse, it's certainly a good advertisement for Fractal. Tom's elbow on the other hand has suffered a fracture, was very painful and whilst its currently looking to heal fine, it will still be some time before he can play guitar again.

If this wasn't bad enough he was scheduled to travel to New York in two days with Gabor and Csaba to perform a Fibenare Clinic at Rudy's Music in Manhattan. So post X-Ray's, drowning sorrows with Corona in a Denny's near the hotel, Tom and Gabor half joked that rather than cancel the event I should go with them as 'stunt guitarist' and demonstrate the Fibenare range whilst Tom talks about them.

Well needless to say it didn't take much persuading to turn from a joke to me making the awkward phone call to Sarah and then scrambling to change my flights home and find a cheap ticket to JFK.

But before that we had a couple of days down time in Hollywood for sight seeing. Down town Hollywood is pretty rough and dirty outside of the immediate central strip, but the surrounding areas in the hills and Burbank etc seemed very pleasant. Still, the weather was good and we had a lovely walk in the hills up to the sign and live streamed as TGH for a humorous moment or two.

In the next and final post about the trip I'll cover the New York experience and what it was like playing at my first clinic!

MORE Hollywood Highlights:

  • Bronsy and I finding a local Indian for a Bromantic meal.
  • Guitar Center hand prints 🤘🏻🎸 and Dual Fusion spotting.
  • Walking up to the Hollywood sign and live streaming some Guitar Hour rep.
  • Hard Rock Cafe Hot Wings 😭🔥🍗.
  • Rogue One at Manns Chinese Theater.