Packing for NAMM

This time tomorrow I’m off to Los Angeles for the 2017 winter NAMM show. I’m travelling with The Guitar Hour crew and loveable troll king Jason Wilding of Wampler Pedals

In addition to nosing around filming for The Guitar Hour, I’ll be attempting to share the experience on Instagram, YouTube and my blog. So if you want to tag along digitally, do subscribe and follow etc.

This will be my first NAMM and I’ve been told to be prepared to get overwhelmed with the scale and noise! Ear plugs are most definitely packed.

I’ll be taking the new guitar and probably hanging out at the Fibenare Guitars and Wampler Pedals booths when not roving for interviews etc. If you happen to be there and spot me, do come say hello. One of the reasons I’m so excited about the trip is getting to hang and jam IRL with all the friends I’ve made online & through The Guitar Hour this past year. The support and encouragement you have all given to my musical life and my mental health has been tremendous.

I remember watching with intrigue videos of NAMM jam madness several years ago on youtube, and it’s a little hard to believe I’m going now, given the reclusive dark place I was in a year ago. But like with most of the processes in getting better, I’m learning to not over think it, just enjoy.

Ok then, I think this is gonna be an interesting week! :)